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Signing Up

General registration will open on January 15, 2017. Anyone who has competed in a 2016 AR World Series qualifier and previous Cameco Cowboy Tough participants will have a chance to secure a VIP wild card spot 48 hours before registration opens to the general public. A special registration link will be sent to these participants via email. If you raced in a 2016 ARWS qualifier and want to be added to the early registration email, please have the team captain email their team name to (All past Cameco Cowboy Tough participants are already on the email list and will automatically get the early registration invitation.)

There are 26 wild card spots and 24 spots reserved for 2017 ARWS qualifiers. Depending on permitting, additional wild card spots may open up in spring. From the inquiries we have been receiving, we expect the wild card spots to fill up quickly.

Once registration opens, team captains must register their team and pay the initial fee of $1500 USD. Once a wild card spot is secured by the team captain, a follow-up email will be sent with information on how to add team members and payment instructions for the remaining balance. To keep the spot, team members must be entered and payment must be made within 14 days of the team captain registering.

If the wild card spots fill up, a waitlist will be generated on a first-come, first-served basis. A refundable $250 deposit is required to remain on the waitlist. If you are added to the waitlist, information will be emailed to you on how to pay the deposit. In the event a spot opens up, information will be sent to the team captain on how to complete team registration. Registration must be completed with full payment within 14 days to keep the spot.

Teams who have registered and later earn a free entry from an ARWS qualifier will have their fees refunded.

Additional spots may open up based on claimed entries from ARWS qualifier spots and permitting.

If a team secures a spot through an ARWS qualifier and has not yet registered for ARWC 2017, that team will be given instructions on how to contact us to register.

When paying through the online registration platform, an additional 4% is added to the payment amount. After the initial team captain registration, payments can be sent via check, Paypal, wire transfer, or through the online registration platform.


A multi-day race is not something to take lightly. It requires dedicated training, preparation, navigation skills, and mental and physical endurance. You or your team members MUST have completed at least one 24-hour endurance race as preparation for the Cameco Cowboy Tough. There are lots of different 24-hour races that you can complete in as pre-qualification. Check out the USARA or NAARS series calendars to find a 24-hour race.

Wild card spots (26) are available. Preference will be given to ARWS participants and past Cameco Cowboy Tough racers. Spots are also available for qualifying teams taking part in any Adventure Racing World Series Qualifier as follows:

  1. First place team of the preceding AR World Championship with a guaranteed entry spot to the AR World Championship, including a paid entry by the AR World Championship host.

  2. Second place team of the preceding AR World Championship with a guaranteed entry spot to the AR World Championship.

  3. First place team of each qualifier with a guaranteed entry spot to the AR World Championship, including a paid entry.

  4. Second place team of each qualifier, with a guaranteed entry spot to the AR World Championship.

From each qualifier, if neither the first or second place qualifying teams of a qualifier contained all national team members of the qualifier’s nation, we can accept the highest placed team from that qualifier that contained all national members of the qualifier’s nation, providing a guaranteed entry spot to the AR World Championship.

Nationality Rule

Teams must include a minimum of three members of the same nationality. Competitors must prove their nationality at race registration with a valid passport or, if different, suitable proof of residency. Teams at the ARWC will represent one designated nation only, being the nationality of the majority of team members.

Ensure in your profile in the registration system you have the correct nationality selected. Race bibs will have the team’s nationality flag printed on them.

Age Limit

All racers must be age 18 years or older.

Team Requirements
  1. Each team must represent one country.

  2. Each team must contain a minimum of 3 members from the same country, as proven by a valid passport or residency documents at race registration. Teams that do not contain 3 members from the same nation may be permitted to race at the race host’s discretion but are not eligible to receive an official ARWS ranking, including the winning of any prizes.

  3. If a competitor has multiple valid passports from different countries (e.g., dual nationality), the participant can choose the nationality of one of those passports and represent that country.

  4. The first part of every team name must contain the name of the nation the team is representing and then be followed by a unique team sponsor name or identifier or your country’s three letter code (e.g., Australia Mountain Designs or AUS Mountain Designs).

Refund, Transfer, and Cancellation Policies

Refund Policy 

No refunds under any circumstances. Registered teams canceling 30 days prior to race date will receive 100% credit minus $25 administration fee for any future Adventure Enablers event. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to race date will receive a 50% credit minus a $25 administration fee for any future Adventure Enablers races. Credits are good for 1 year from the race date.


Credits can be used for any single future race. Any difference in price must be paid, and no refunds or additional credits will be made if the credit exceeds the deferred fee.

Event Change and Cancellation Policy

Adventure Enablers reserves the right to alter, postpone, or cancel any race for safety concerns. In the event the race is canceled, no refunds or credits will be provided. In the event a participant cannot attend a rescheduled date, no refunds or credits will be provided.

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