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The Cowboy Tough Adventure Week is back for the fourth year to do what it does best—bring out the best in Wyoming and the best in you. And once again, we aren’t skimping on adventure, with lots of fun and exciting events planned in Casper, through Medicine Bow National Forest, and on the North Platte River. The week starts with a 5K Glow Run and ends with hard-core adventure racers from around the world crossing the finish line of the Cameco Cowboy Tough 3.5-day expedition race.


This site highlights all of the week’s events, including the Glow Runs, Casper Strong and Curt Gowdy Tenderfoot adventure races, and Cameco Cowboy Tough.  We hope it will help you plan your time in Wyoming and with the Rev3 Adventure crew.


As the event day approaches, updates will be made to this site, so check back often and also keep an eye on our Facebook page.


The Cameco Cowboy Tough is part of the AR World Series and a qualifier for the AR World Championships.  More information can be found at


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